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Here a couple of interesting details from the original weapon regulation ( 6-2-40) of the German National Bank of the Reich.
This regulation includes 59 pages !

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It is mentioned in the third paragraph that the magazine extensions also are numbered and in the fourth, that for special purposes pistols with Dural frame are established.

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This figure shows a readiness box for the bank counter.

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This figure points to a double magazine bag.

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18 line two:
the back sight is colored red (rot) and the front sight orange-yellow (orange-gelb).

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For carrying the pistol into coat or trouser pockets.

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162 refers to a special cleaning box including position 1 - 8.
Nr. 7: Two bottels of lac ( sight colors ).

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The ordering list mentiones under Nr. 9 -13 a 4mm conversion unit.

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