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Disassembly Instructions

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I'm going take my grandfather's old Luger apart this weekend and give it a good cleaning. Found some disassembly instructions/pictures at lugerforum.com Are these the best available or are there any other good ones (with pictures)?

Any tips or things to look out for? I've taken an M-1 Garand and a Walther P-1 down to most every little part but wanted to know if there were any tricky parts or some steps best not attempted unless you really know what the heck you're doing.
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STOP!!! You should not be trying to remove the recoil lever pin if you haven't removed the mainspring and mainspring guide as these place the recoil lever under tension and if you try to remove the pin, you are going to bend it.

Secondly, the extractor is marked GELADEN, not the firing pin (GELADEN means "loaded" and the marking is exposed when there is a round in the chamber).

If you don't have a magazine catch, how does the magazine stay in?
The magazine catch is that round button right behind the trigger.
In the same place on the Lugerforum you found the parts diagram, go to the General Information section and look at "How to install a Luger mainspring by THOR"...removal is the reverse of that process.

Those disassembly instructions are really screwy in a couple of places, such as hitting the rear of the frame with a screwdriver handle to remove the safety catch, HOGWASH!, and if you look at step 35 there is no caption on it but it appears that the "instructor" is prying the hook of the mainspring guide off of the recoil lever, not a good idea unless you want to bugger up both pieces. The proper way is to compress the mainspring using a drift punch per the mainspring installation instructions, then you can free the recoil lever from the mainspring guide hook without prying. Then you can remove thye recoil lever pin and lever.

I really would like to see a picture of that firing pin. I have never seen one marked GELADEN, and it makes no sense. You can't see the firing pin when the gun is loaded so why mark it?
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