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Disassembly Instructions

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I'm going take my grandfather's old Luger apart this weekend and give it a good cleaning. Found some disassembly instructions/pictures at lugerforum.com Are these the best available or are there any other good ones (with pictures)?

Any tips or things to look out for? I've taken an M-1 Garand and a Walther P-1 down to most every little part but wanted to know if there were any tricky parts or some steps best not attempted unless you really know what the heck you're doing.
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I would tell you the info from the Lugerforum is pretty good and is about as detailed as I have seen. The only advice I would give you is that the firing pin spring is stronger than it looks so go easy there. When removing the LEFT HAND grip be careful when lifting it out as there is a tendency to break off the upper right hand corner by the safety lever. Just ease it out from the lower left hand side and you should be ok. Take the right hand side grip off first so you can kind of gently tap out the L/H side.
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