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Disassembly Instructions

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I'm going take my grandfather's old Luger apart this weekend and give it a good cleaning. Found some disassembly instructions/pictures at lugerforum.com Are these the best available or are there any other good ones (with pictures)?

Any tips or things to look out for? I've taken an M-1 Garand and a Walther P-1 down to most every little part but wanted to know if there were any tricky parts or some steps best not attempted unless you really know what the heck you're doing.
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So have the rest of us....

I find that you only need to take the top down, all the frame things, I clean as they are on the gun, grips excepted.

DON'T take the mainspring out.... It is a bear to put back in and I don't see a reason to do it, unless replacing it.

You have to be careful, you can do more damage than good by taking the gun or magazine apart. For most people, getting the mag apart is then obvious later, as it is tricky to get it back together and most of the time, it looks like it was taken apart...

I took the recoil spring and guide out last year for the first time, replaced it with a new spring, it was a bear to put back in, but I did it with needle nose pliers, a screwdriver, a few choice words, and wearing eye protection.

That is what I said too, but figured I "had" to try.

So, yes, I understand completly!

Yes, barely anything to light soap and water, easy on both. Any commerical product you use could damage it, and the value and history would be screwed.

Using murpheys on the grips is what I have done, let them dry on their own time, then put some tung oil or linseed oil on them.

I have used several different cleaners, but green something or rather and murpheys works well, isn't too rough on grips. Years ago, I have used paint remover on some grips, pretty rough on wood that thin, don't recommend it. Boiled Linseed oil works best, but the minwax tung oil is probably what I have right now.

As long as you use less rather than more, it is okay. Usually they lighten up when you clean them, so the tung oil doesn't darken them much.

1 - 6 of 35 Posts
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