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Hello to all fellow members,

I have a byf 41 on approval from a dealer which was advertized as having a matching mag, but i am not too sure....
The body is marked PO8 with two E/37 stamps.
The base has the serial number, but in very large digits, and no suffix....pistol is 8247q
Base also has a large '1' above the serial no.
I am of the opinion that this mag base has been 'doctored' to match the pistol.

Any ideas?
Many thanks,

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Download Attachment: mag base.JPG

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The number 1 and lack of a letter suffix (if there is a suffix on the luger)indicates that it is a police mag. Unless your byf 41 has a sear safety the magazine is not correct.

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Hi Jan and Ed,
Many thanks for your help.......
Just as i thought, i have returned the Luger to the dealer for a refund.
This forum is a life saver.
Well done, and please keep up the good work.
Best regards,

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Steve, not to be difficult, but "police" issue can be several things that give it away.

1. It might have a Sear Safety and a magazine Safety
2. It might have a Sear Safety and a mag safety
3. It might have neither of these, as it was added in 1933 time frame
4. It might have police markings (like in unit markings)
5. I have seen a friends gun, that had only magazines that were marked 1 or 2 and he believed it was a police issue. In fact, I believe that huggiebear or someone else had a police marked gun, that "only" had markings on the magazine.

So, sorry to bring this up after you returned it, but sometimes pictures of the entire gun can help dispell or strenghten a guns authenticity.

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