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I have a 1918/1920 Double Date Luger. I bought it as a shooter (for a shooter price) from a guy with a large number of Russian reworks. It was unusual because the finish was not the typical Eastern Europe rework. It has aboout 80% blue a little less in some areas. I think the finsh might be original due to the slight browning and the fine scratches that indicate use. It is all matching except for the takedown lever (see below), hold open (no number), grips and wood bottom mag (no number). The take down lever does have a number, not the last two of the serial number, on the bottom (where the two legs of the "L" come together). There are three Crown RC proofs: on the barrel, the trigger guard and the RH side of the upper assembly. All other parts match and most have imperial proofs.

Could this be a GI bringback and the non numbered parts were put in when it was reworked in the 20's?

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Yes, it could be a GI bringback but the rework does not look like 1920s work. The grips look like recently made grips as I have had a pair identical to those on the gun that date from the last ten years. The parts, if replaced during rework, would have been numbered to the pistol to indicate contract rework fitted parts. The blued safety lever would not have been manufactured until 1937 if it was a 1920s replaced part. I suspect the parts were added sometime in the past few years to replace lost or damaged parts. Just my opinion.
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