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Hello All:

Its been a few years since I’ve visited this site only because you’ve satisfied all of my questions on the 1920 Luger and the H38 that are in my collection but now that I have, I see that both information and intelligence have matured over time. Congratulations on a fine web-site.

My observation here is that there are a lot of double-struck "Germany" stamping’s on the forward end of the frame and aft end on the toggle. This has to be the result of a mechanical stamping process rather than a manual method. Do we dare think that all of the double-strike’s came from the same tooling and mechanical press?

It’s hard to conceive that over the many years, all those designated to be marked as such would be sent to the same location with the same die-set on the same press however, this condition implies the fault in the press and not the stamp. So even if there was a stamp manufacture that would distribute his fixture and stamp-set to the various arsenal’s, it is still the press that double cycles to create this effect.

Any thoughts?

Please forgive if this has been covered on previous threads. A summary answer will do..

Best Regards:

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