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Here's a picture of a Dreyse 07 I recently received, serial no. 173xx. This is an early variation, with the takedown access cut on the underside of the muzzle end of the barrel housing. Unfortunately it's missing the lanyard ring (you can see the holes in the side plate). There's some wear on the edges, but little or no pitting that I can see, although I haven't taken it apart yet for cleaning. My references *all* say to be careful since the recoil spring is very powerful.

Download Attachment: dreyse_1907.jpg

I presume this was never officially issued to Imperial troops since there are no Imperial acceptance stamps.

Anyone know the approximate date of manufacture from the serial number?


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Bryan, A lot of Dreyse were commercally purchased by officers (who had to supply their own pistols), and carry no military markings. Don't worry too much about the recoil spring. Although it is a long spring, it's not all that powerful, but it does need controled. After you have rotated the slide unit from the frame, use the tab on the base of the magazine to depress the barrel lug, and then lift the front of the slide, with the barrel and spring, free.
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