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Dreyse 1907 Database

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I am starting a Dreyse 1907 database and would love to catalog variations, serial numbers, conditions, and any unique marks.

Follow this link for the database: Dreyse Database

So please state the serial number, variation (found here: 1907 Dreyse *), finish (original, reblued, nickel, etc), grips (wood, horn etc), and any unique markings (Military acceptance, Austrian proofs, Unit markings etc), and any comments such as mismatch, replacement parts etc. Pictures are always welcome! If you do not want to post your info, please PM me and your ID will be confidential. Thanks!

*The article goes in order of 1-9, except I don't count the "Sideplate screw behind trigger no longer extends all the way through to the right side" as a variation, so ignore that when counting.

Currently I have 404 Dreyse's documented.

For approximate dating of your Dreyse, see the following estimates:

Here's the percentage of number of documented variations relative to total documented pieces:

NOTE pistols with "3? 4?" or similar indicate that not enough information was available to make a definitive identification of the variation and are not counted in the following, so percentage is X out of 404 pistols

NOTE pistols marked "2/3" or similar are hybrid variation guns. They show features of both variations listed. Hybrid guns are not calculated either.

1: Approx. 02.35% (9)
2: Approx. 01.31% (5)
3: Approx. 09.40% (36)
4: Approx. 21.41% (82)
5: Approx. 40.21% (154)
6: Approx. 04.18% (16)
7: Approx. 06.27% (24)
8: Approx. 05.22% (20)
9: Approx. 08.09% (31)

NOTE I will continue to update these figures.

MIG= Made in Germany or just "Germany"; MM=Matching Magazine(s); MH=Matching Holster; PM=Police Marked; GMA=German Military Accepted; NF=Non-Factory

Also I must give credit to Don Maus who gave me A LOT (almost triple what I had) of data for the Dreyse's. Thanks Don!

*Due to technical difficulties with the forum, I could not update the data table via this post. Thankfully, EdD was kind enough to put it all into an excel spreadsheet which I will continue to update via the link below. Thank you so much Ed!
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Here is mine, serial #368. Early first variant? Original finish


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Very nice! Thanks for the pictures! That helps very much in narrowing down production of the "1" variation.
Dreyse M 1907

Here is mine, SN 185852. 1st variant ?
Imperial letter " M " or " W " at the right side of the chamber.
No other markings. Horn grips


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1907 Dreyse

Serial # 183679 Late First Variant Original Finish Horn Grips Military Marked
1909 # 65477


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First variant (early?). Serial number 15 (all matching). Marked:
No. 15

This was a WWII bringback


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First off, thank you all for contributing! That's a very odd Dreyse you have their Kh195! It looks like it should be a "3" variation but the serial number doesn't correlate with that. Mystery??? Also I've never seen that address. It looks like it could be factory.
First off, thank you all for contributing! That's a very odd Dreyse you have their Kh195! It looks like it should be a "3" variation but the serial number doesn't correlate with that. Mystery??? Also I've never seen that address. It looks like it could be factory.
I posted this one up about a year and a half ago (http://luger.gunboards.com/showthread.php?35803-Questions-on-unique-07-Dreyse-serial-number-15), seems Baumgarten was a distributer so that would suggest a special contract run? The replies in that thread is all I've ever been able to find on it, haven't ever seen another marked this way.
Indeed it could be.
Here are my two:
1) Serial #9272 - early first variation 3; markings: 1920, K.P.P.F. No.497, S.W.I. 149.(frt. gripstrap) and 3 C/U proofs; magazine numbered on spine and matching; original finish; all numbers match but one small internal part; gun has both a disconnector and a lanyard loop; concentric circle safety; horn grips(repo); scalloped slide with vertical serrations on slide only.

2) Serial #7335 - early first variation 3; no military or police markings; original finish; slide is mismatched(#8106); no disconnector; no lanyard loop; missing grips; concentric circle safety. As for the mismatched slide(#8106), it is scalloped with vertical serrations on slide only. It is NOT cut for a disconnector.

My only confusion with comparing these two guns is why does the high number (#9272) have the early C/U proofs and the lower numbered gun (#7335) have the later C/N proof?! The mismatched slide (#8106) is also C/N proofed. Go figure.
Tim H.
That is rather odd. I'm no expert on proofs but that doesn't seem right.
Hallo Deutschland!

Here are a few of mine. Let me know if you need a photo.

9558 Horn grips rear screw, lanyard loop, stamped K.P.P.B. No 2348

17686 Horn grips w/rear screw. Lanyard loop. K.P.P.B. No 77. lined out. Grip strap K.B.310. on Mag bottom 443 AI .

18825 Horn grips w/rear screw marked "Stadt Hohenlimburg 3"

132706 Horn grips, centre screw, lanyard loop, Imperial proofed.

216799 horn grips centre screw, lanyard loop, slanted serrations. P.P.L. No6 x'd out, grip strap K.B. 2500.

No serial number, totally crown/N proofed anf Imperial proofed. I posted photos last year.
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Danke! Das ist sehr interessant und hilfreich! Also your 9558 is the first "4" that's been reported! Does your 17686 or 18825 have the wide or narrow extractor? Lastly your 216799 really narrowed down where "6" went to "7".

Gerne geschehen.

17686 and 18825, both have the wider extractor. Here's some Fotos. I have trouble with my pics coming out in the same order I post them, hence the labels.
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If you send me your email address, I will send you an Excel spreadsheet with Dreyse data from my database of police-marked weapons.

Also, here's an old source: http://luger.gunboards.com/showthread.php?37-Dreyse-Model-1907-Pistols-Data-Needed&highlight=Dreyse
Don, it took me a good couple hours but I got everything in!
Came across the highest serial number Dreyse I've seen, today.
Hallo Deutschland !

2 questions, 1 what is the highest serial number ? 2 did you pull up the no serial number Dreyse I posted a while back ? And what type would it be ?
Both are listed in the table, towards the bottom. I believe your NSN is a "5" variant.
Just making sure you all know, I am constantly updating this list. Could anyone make this a sticky?
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