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Hi, new to board. Recently bought a 1907 Dreyse pistol from my wife's uncle's estate. Just wondered if there might be anything special about this pistol. Number on top is 160380. Thanks

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photos didn't come out very clear, so wanted to post markings on pistol. Rheinische Metallwaar en - & Measschinonfabrik

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I can't add much to what James said except that your 1907 is the first model (vertical Serrations). Later models had slanted serrations. Those grips appear to be replacements since the originals were a black hard rubber? or some other material. This is also a pain in the a** pistol to take the slide off for cleaning. There is no way to hold it open to run a brush down the barrel. Watch out for the spring when it is disconnected from the slide!!!


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Your 1907 Dreyse, sn 160380, probably has an Imperial German Army crown over scriptic letter acceptance stamp located above the ejection port on the right side of the pistol. Twenty six of these are found in the 62764-195107 serial range. It is an interesting Imperial Army pistol.

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Jan, when you say that 26 of these are found between the serial numbers given....do you mean only 26 are Imperial marked, or that only 26 are in your data base?
I'm considering purchasing a Dreyse that is serial number 170ooo (approx) and it has the Imperial "Crown-D" to the right of the ejection port.
However, the grips are a mottled brown/black.
Regards, Ned

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Steve, perhaps your Dreyse might be called a "later first model" or perhaps a "second model". The very first Dreyses had the vertical serrations on a pad that extended down over the frame and was machined as part of the slide and not an add on. Probably as expensive as heck to manufacture, so not a lot of them were made.

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I am in temporary possession of a "second type" Dreyse model 1907. The serial number is 153237 and it does have an Imperial acceptance stamp. It was brought back from the Great War by a local man who was an Artillery officer and saw action at Belleau Wood.
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