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No, I am the owner. There seemed little interest in it when I put it up for sale so I've decided to hang on to it for a while and see if I can find out any info about the stock markings. I'm assuming the shields are Udet Squadron insignia. But why are they there? I haven't seen another unit marked. I'll put more pics and info up tomorrow.

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One of the two shields looks like the coat of arms of Franz von Werra:


his escape was subject of the movie "The One That Got Away" with Hardy Krüger.

Von Werra died on October 25,1941.

Just a hunch and my personal opinion: I guess, the emblems were attached after the war to the stock. Can you tell us the serial number and the proof date?

BTW: found a nice source listing dozens of Luftwaffe emblems:




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The second shield is the shield of Werras unit, Jagdgeschwader Udet!


I think the Drilling was the Amtswaffe of a Förster!
Until today we have many different forestry-districts. Town-, land-, county-, privat- and "Bundes"districts!
Forestry-districts on military training areas are called Bundesforste. There the foresters are in pay by the Bundeswehr, and the owner of the forestry superintendents office with all goods is the Bundeswehr.

This gun was a gun of a Förster on the ground where Jagdgeschwader Udet had been stationed. On one of the grounds they were stationed!
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