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There is some summary information on Dutch Lugers on page 291-305 of "Weimar Lugers"(1993). This was published before "The Dutch Luger" (1994)and the data/information may be dated.(I think that this information is clear and complete. However, it has not been checked against the information in "The Dutch Luger")

Accorting to Weimar Lugers page 293 Dutch Banner Lugers dated 1939 in the serial range 2430v-2654v were delivered June 1939. This was the last batch delivered to the Dutch. A 1940 dated Dutch Banner ,serial number 3182v, is shown on page (Figure 95a) 304. This Luger was not delivered because of the May 10,1940 invasion of Holland. Also, a 1937 dated Dutch Banner, serial number 2288, is shown on page (Figure 94) 303. It has a matching wood based magazine, bears the 'Mauser Banner', 'Rust' safety and 'C/U' stamps.

According to Weimar Lugers page 291, Dutch Lugers in the serial range 1-4000 with 'Rust' 'crown/W' and 'DWM' toggle were manufactured 1911-1914 by DWM for the Netherland Indies Army (M11). Serial number 2824 is shown (figure 90a) on page 295.

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