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Presented here from out of my collection is a seldom seen variation of a waffenamted WaA613 Dutch FN 1922. Trust that one will enjoy it.

Download Attachment: holster front.JPG
143.01 KB This holster is a Dutch pre-war issue with all fixtures of brass. Has cleaning rod pouch on leading edge and is without magazine pouch.

Download Attachment: holster rear.JPG
154.93 KB

Download Attachment: holster exposed.JPG
128.11 KB

Download Attachment: holster inside flap.JPG
120.47 KB The markings are from the Dutch establishment with MC 1937 date.

Download Attachment: pistol left side.JPG
173.28 KB

Download Attachment: triggerguard proof.JPG
130.38 KB The trigger guard proof of WaA613 shows the 1 very faint even with the naked eye but is 613 nevertheless.

Download Attachment: slide top crest.JPG
78.71 KB

Download Attachment: slide forward numbers.JPG
84.72 KB

Download Attachment: exjection port.JPG
119.62 KB

Download Attachment: slide rear.JPG
87.82 KB The importance of this photo is not what you see but rather what you do not see. The Crown over the W acceptance proof by the Dutch establishment is not stamped into the rear of tang as this waffenamted pistol was captured in the factory at FN and Should Not nor Does Not have the crown proof which all issued Dutch FN pistols will have.

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Very nice Dutch M1922 and nice presentation. I don't know how you do it but you sure have some nice rigs and especially all those very nice holsters you have--I am always impressed by the quality of your STUFF! You have set a very high standard for youself and I can only dream about quality pistols and holsters like you have. Thanks for presenting this wonderful stuff for us all to DROOOOOOL over! Keep it up and Best Regards to you! Lloyd in Vegas

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Lloyd and Darwin : I am glad that you appreciate the items as sometimes I wonder whether or not anyone out there is listening. The items just didn't drop off a tree but required hard work, always networking, upgrading, and mucho mucho dollar. Nothing in life has changed, if one wants the better pieces then he has to pay the better prices....... unfortunately. Thank you for asking but I am missing two holsters for the FN 1922 and they are the "cdc"42 and the "jsd"42, so , if in your travels , remember me.
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