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bought this pistol 25-30 yrs ago don't remember when actually-it has MW/J.R.12.8 stamped on frame also with DWM in script with 1920 1912 on top serial number 5189-it has some other markings on it don't remember but looked like been reblued at one time or another as their is another long number electric pencil engraved up in the area the bolt linkage slides on-I assume this # to be a bubba-gi SS#-in same area under edge of grip is like sm minor blood spot pitting area blued over-it has several matching #'s on part but memory says barrel number doesn't match rest of gun parts-will be glad to get out of safe and get if needed- I think I paid $200 for 20+ yrs ago-what is this gun worth today? 4-600??

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Marcus, your gun is very interesting to many people because it has a Unit Marking, and also, there were only about 10,000 DWM's made that year. Since your's is marked 1920, that means it received the Reichswehr Property stamping, not a true date, although many were marked in that year.

If, as a parts gun, then it is worth around the amount you specified, $450-$600, maybe more to some collectors who wanted the unit marking.

Pictures would help.

And to the membership, I came across this old posting, e-mailed Marcus and he immediatly replied, i told him somehow we missed his posting and I felt bad about it!



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Hi Marcus,
The unit mark is for a Reichswehr unit. Minenwerfer(Mortar)Company of the 12th Infantry Regiment weapon #8. A very neat and not often seen mark. If the condition is as you say a reblue then it is in the range that you guessed. Which is very unfortunate with that unit mark.

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