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Hello All, Here's a brief description of my "n" suffix "DWM 1920 Alphabet P.08". It is serial # 2977.n, and is totally matched throughout. (Excepting the magazine) It has a single 1920 chamber date, with the 1920 stamp being very neatly applied. (Unlike some others that appear to be somewhat crude.) The right rcvr is E/ArA4 proofed (x3), with the left rcvr having only the military style serial number of 2977. It's barrel has E/ArA4 (x1), 2977.n & 8.83. This Luger's sear bar appears to be C/B or perhaps C/G proofed. Both grips are numbered .77, & the left grip is also E/6 (Simpson) or E/0 (Navy?) proofed. When purchased it had a WW1 era, blued body, wooden based magazine, #'d 1614h. It has neither a sear safety, nor magazine safety. No military or police mkgs are present. As soon as I'm able to get hold of a digital camera, I'll try to post some photos of this P.08 & some of the other Weimar era & related pistols in my collection. My collecting interest lies primarily in German police pistols from the 20th century. Regards, Dom Pastore Jr.
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