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DWM 1921 Police rework

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Here is another example of a re issued P.08. This gun is all matching. Mag safety was removed and small hole plugged.

Download Attachment: left.JPG
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And the right side.

Download Attachment: right.JPG
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A view of the front.

Download Attachment: c.JPG

The top of the cannon. Note that the original date has been ground off and the 1921 hand stamped over. The chamber area also has a different color blue to it.

Download Attachment: upper.JPG
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Weimar proof marks which I believe are for new manufacture?

Download Attachment: proofs.JPG
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Finally a Nazi era Eagle L mag. Looks like it was period ground and re-numbered to this pistol. It has a nickled body

Download Attachment: mag.JPG
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Nice Doug. There are many Weimar fans here
Nice looking gun Doug!

Any history of where you got this gun from Doug?

Your 1921 dated DWM, serial number 1893b, was manufactured for the German Army or Police. A number of 1921 dated Lugers in the ns, a, and b serial range were manufactured for the German military and police and all that I have examined are of new manufacture.(See Weimar Lugers page 18 and 29)

Starting in 1910 regulations required that Army Lugers be dated. This requirement was reaffirmed in 1923. (one exception is the undated Simson Army Lugers)
quote:Originally posted by Weimar_Police
I just am a bit tired, cranky and liable to delete petty remarks instead of the high-class remarks I am used to seeing.Ed
Wow!! I'm really glad that you have a job. However, I don't really believe that the fact that you are now employed makes you any more qualified to delete comments then when you weren't. What would happen if you got fired? Would you delete the whole board?
No, when I'm tired, I am less inclined to put up with "off-topic" remarks that do not support the site. I feel that informing others of correct terminology is appropriate, if done correctly and not in a denigrating manner.
Hello members,very nice Luger,interesting is that this have WaA4, in 1921 marked chamber, while i have on old board asked for a old 1920 marked police Luger,comercially N proofed,79xx m marked, with sear security, the previous answer was that my pistol was made in 1927/9 period, but while is the stamp on chamber 1920? Its a Weimar era property marking? Best regards,Andy from BCN
Andy, in Weimar Lugers, Jan has stated that although the 1920 marking was for that time period, i.e. most guns marked were made prior to 1921, that, there are exceptions and there are other guns marked as 1920, made after that date, including a "G" date gun.

Also, the Weimar era was up to the Nazi take-over in 1933/34 time frame, so any guns made in 1927/29 would have been under Weimar rules.

ALSO, take pictures (many), do a write up and start a NEW thread about Your 1920 police, we'd like to re-visit it.

Thanks for answer, unfortunally this is not my Luger but my friends,i am a bayonet collector, and we have not a camera. When he cames to any, i will bring the photos to board. Thanks for help,Andy from BCN
I have a 1921 dwm luger- that first was a police gun then reissued to german elite mountain unit Gebirgsjager 1st div. alpine 100th regiment. I have a book with all the battles in which this gun was used. The gun was made by Deathsche Waffen Munitions Fabriken. Serial Number 3058. I also have the belt and holster. Just thought you might find this interesting.

I find it very interesting and would like to know much more about the pistol. Can you post photos? Details of the history would be fascinating to many of us.
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