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Dated 1918 on barrel. Serial #2954 and all numbers match. Gesichert on safety. 4" barrel. Two small 8's and a symbol I can't read on the bottom rear of the barrel. 4 symbols I don't recognize on the right outside front of the reciever. 2 matching mags. Original medium brown holster with all straps in good shape. Strap with snap not a flap type holster. Some wear to bluing from holster, I think. Pistol is dirty from sitting but no apparent scratches or nicks. Trying to identify model and estimate worth. Thanks, Ed.

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Ed, on the "toggle" the part you pull back to load the gun, does it have DWM or Erfurt?

The 1918 is the year, and made by one of those two manufactures. If all matching with two matching mags and a brown holster, the value is well over $1000. But if the toggle has been replaced, i.e. no markings on it, or interenal parts are wrong, then value drops very much. A "shooter" luger is worth around $400 - $550, depending on where you live. Pictures, either digital or scanned in would help very much.

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