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DWM double date artillery

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1920 over 1918 Weimar rework artillery luger,
The numbers on the toggle,frame receiver do not match
Can this be correct?
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msv, I believe that one would normaly expect all the numbers on such an LP08 to match, perhaps even with a renumbered or numbered later period magazine. Is it marked on the grip straps?
Yes, on the rear grip are stamp markings 1042 over N.
msv, You have a n Imperial LP08 that was held over and put into Weimar Navy, and probably nazi navy service. There are others here who know far more about your pistol than I do.

I would suggest that you have a less common pistol. Can you post photos and details?
I did not buy that pistol, it was for sale last saturday, the barrel was matching to frame but the toggle did have other number.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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