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Would like to know the value of a Nickel Plated DWM Luger, 9mm, serial # 4389 (stamped both on the casing in front of trigger, and just above that on the barrel of the pistol), the handle is bone instead of wood, and the trigger and latches appear to be made of brass. It is stamped with a Crown and the letter N on the left side. The letters "H-M-R" is etched on the casing as well.

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Hello Wes and welcome!

A nickle or chromed luger has lost all of its collector value, as no normal lugers were made this way, but were made this way later, usually by or for GI's. I would guess the trigger is brass plated, just like the rest of the gun is nickled.

Value of a nickled luger is anywhere from $300-$500, all depending on what a buyer is willing to pay.

I do like the bone grips, they are nice. I for one do not dislike nickled guns, as they carry their own history with them.


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I bought a chrome DWM this past week at $250. Sold it to an friend at the same price. It does not even bring the "parts value" of $450 in my opinion.
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