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Took apart a luger tonight and had a good look, a few suggestions for you.

1 Have you inspected the flat sear bar spring that holds tension on the sear bar for a break or loss of resiliency, as when toggle is pulled back to chamber a round the searbar moves inward due to pressure from the searbar spring causing the firing pin lug to engage against the searbar thus holding the firing pin spring under tension. Next the toggle flattens out and ready's the action prior to the trigger being pulled.

2 You may also wish to check the end of the curled up portion of the searbar spring to see if it is catching the rear of the searbar.

3 Firing takes place when you pull the trigger causing the searbar to move away from the slide releasing the firing pin to move forward against the cartridge.

4 The firing pin spring retainer holding the firing pin and spring in the breechblock turns 90 degree only and should lock in position unless worn out or damaged by turning the wrong way. Clockwise is the proper way to lock the firing spring pin retainer into the breechblock
and counter clockwise to remove.

5 Very important that you fully understand the action of the luger and please consult a gunsmith before proceeding with any of my suggestions as I do not wish any harm to come to you if something goes wrong.

6 Hope this info assist's you in your problems
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