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DWM on Simpson site, Quiz for all

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It might just be a slip, but this line is a bit inaccurate;

quote:Weimar Rework Police Ordnance Cutaway
It is inaccurate because of what?
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quote:Originally posted by Heinz

Ed, well the 1912 itself is "cut away" but this bears a sear safety indicative of a Nazi era rework. It is hard to believe a sear safety would have been Added to Weimar cutaway, but maybe not impossible. The line might better say "Third Reich Police Ordanance Cutaway"
This was my take also, that a sear safety was added later. A great piece, but hard to believe a sear safety was added at a later date. No mag safety, so if it was at a police armorery, it would have to have been required (I would think), so I believe it would have been made after 1937 when they were no longer required.

To show just weimar is hard to prove unless a t/pv, or re-proofed, or other indication, like the 1920 marking.

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