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After recent discussions I find myself liking these 3 of my HK's even more .
There are other messed up proofs on all 3 but these are classic work by the BAL inspectors .

The extra lower 1936 right receiver proof is complete [ well minus the chipped out parts ] but you have to have the receiver out to see it .
Barrel proof is the broken - shattered ?? type you see quite regularly .

The 1937 actually has the 2 left receiver proofs intact but the middle one has 2 more lightly struck above it The right receiver proof [ penguin ] is at least TRIPLE struck .
Barrel proof is at least doubled and actually looks worse .
Frame proof is just missing segments .

The 1943 barrel is quite simply a mess .

I have these guns BECAUSE of the inspectors sloppy work .
Have had nicer 1936 and 1937 examples but I have always found this sloppy work very interesting .
Only 1943 I have ever owned as finding one I was comfortable with only took 35 years .
Almost bought one from Bob Simpson in the 90's but couldn't justify the price .
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