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quote:Originally posted by 66mustang
Are there differences in the early compared to later?
BTW, What is the timeframe of manufacture? Ed
The first/early Baby Nambus were manufactured by Tokyo Artillary Arsenal. Their known serial # range is #46-5881. Approx the last 550 Baby Nambus were manufactured by Tokyo Gas and Electric/TGE. The estimated serial # range for the TGE run is 5900-6450. The known TGE serial # range is 5902-6443.

Basically, all Baby Nambus, both Tokyo and TGE are identical in design and quality; other than some markings, of course. There are machining differences. One that comes to mind are differences in the knurlling on the bolt lock and mag latch. I have heard it said that the Tokyo is, overall, a "finer" made pistol. FWIW, I can't tell the difference. But then, I have not seen that many TGEs. Given the fact that only 550 TGE Baby Nambus were produced, that is not surprising.

I don't believe that there is an exact answer to your question regarding dates of production runs. References indicate that Tokyo may have begun production production as early as 1903, most certainly by 1909, and terminated production in 1923. Just when TGE started and ended production is also not certain, however, the dates of 1923-1929 are usually accepted as ballpark.
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