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I have selected another one of my favorites and hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. With this example one can understand why the Germans think highly of Sauer.

I must apologize for the color rendention as either my software/camera is not reproducing the true color of some select items such as this holster. The true color is called double dunkle and is a deep chocolate brown. You will also notice the extended protective toe on rear of holster which is exclusive to a AKaH Sauer holster to my knowledge.

sauer holster rear.JPG

sauer holster exposed.JPG

AKaH trademark.JPG
If one looks closely , you can see two sentences along with the date of 1941 handwritten on the inside of flap. Along with the name SAUER that is ink stamped. I am of the opinion that this pistol was made before 1941 however.

inside flap markings.JPG

38H sauer left side.JPG

front angle.JPG
I get so discussed about my shortcoming with not being able to produce a proper set of photos that represent the true nature or state of quality of this pistol or any other for that matter. Yes,I am looking and have found the new camera but something called Duckets or *******, or in laymans language, Dollars is the show stopper.

38H sauer right side.JPG
If you are having trouble in serial number determination , it is 270071.

serial number.JPG
If I can draw your attention to the two outside edges of each magazine base, you will see that they are beveled. This is an example of early 38H Sauer magazines.

mag bottoms.JPG


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this is a nice rig! And, yes, the pistol was made before 1941. As best as I can determine, it was made in January or February 1940.

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