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Another call for information for my early Commercial serial# Lugers. I have received a log of good information, but am still on the lookout for more.

I'm looking for information on all Commercially numbered Lugers from #1 into the 75000 serial numger range (where the c/N marking shifted from Lazy to Upright). Includes all Commercial, American Eagle (including Test Eagles), Bugarian, and Swiss Commercial (but -not- the Swiss military contract), French commercial, Navy Commercials, German and Dutch test, 08 Commercials, early 14 Commercials, anything else anyone comes up with.

The information I need is:

Proof mark, or its absence
Swiss cross present on barrel, or not
Grip safety lever, narrow (half grip strap width) or wide
thumb safety type, 1 (flat, checkered); 2 (raised, checkered); 3 (raised, grooved)
serial# placement on takedown lever--right end, face, or under
stamped GERMANY or not
any noteworthy characteristics
production date information if available

I know that not all this information is applicable to all models, but I need the entire list for completeness.

The results so far are proving to be very interesting. I find that I am particularly desirous of information in the 1000-2000 range, 7000-8000 range, 10000-11000 range, 22000-23000 range, and 48000-53000 range--interesting things seem to be hapening these places.

I have no data in the 15000-18000 and 49000-51000 ranges, and very skimpy--one or two samples--in many other ranges.

If you haven't already, now is the time to drag your early Commercially numbered Lugers out of the safe and make them known.

Please send me your information at [email protected] or post it here. As always, I will maintain the anonymity of ownership.

Everyone has my continued thanks for your participation, I'm finding the results will be pretty interesting.


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Have you seen Bob Adams' inventory # 01331 ?


It is called a US Test Eagle, but his text write up says the chamber was never marked...serial # 639x...you might give him a call for more info.

Ad write up :

" Lovely 1900 U.S. Test Luger, #639x, restored long ago to excellent conditon. Shows about 95% blue with light wear and some fading on lower grip straps. Exc. straw colors - showing light wear. Matching numbers - except for magazine (numbered, WWI vintage?). Bore only fair. Crisp replacement grips. Missing part of toggle lock latch on frame which doesn't affect function, and the rear lanyard loop has been removed. Interesting example with no crest on the chamber and appears it was never stamped with a crest. Nice representative example. "

Could this be a Commerical right in the middle of the Test Eagle range...???

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This gun has been for sale for a long time (Iirc Ron Wood knows about this gun as well). I called Bob Adams up about it quite a long time ago, frankly don't remember the gist of our conversation now, but there was no startling conclusion about the lack of an Eagle. I do haved the full serial#. Frankly I don't think anything is going to come of it without some serious hands-on examination including direct comparison with a known Test Eagle and, at least, micrometer measurement of the receiver.

Another conversation with him is probably warranted.


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I'm new to this forum but I follow it with great interest as it is full of great information.

I noted your request for information on early commercials. I have a 1908 model with the following:

Model: 1908 DWM, serial number 57587
Proof mark or absense: Lazy crown N on the left side of the breech
Swiss cross: N/A
Grip safety: N/A
Safety lever (thumb): raised grooved
Serial number placement on takedown lever: under
Germany: No
Caliber: 9mm
Any note worthy charecteristics: No stock lug
Production data if available: Don/t know but would like to know the year of manufacture.

I hope this information is useful and I'm very interested in what your research will reveal.

Regards: Chuck
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