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Early Dusek / CZ Duo Vest Pocket Pistols - (#3) 1939 Duo full rig

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The third of my four early Dusek pistols is a 1939 Duo with serial #5569. It came once again as a full rig with leather holster and spare magazine.

The holster appears to be very well fitted to the pistol, which makes me think it could have been Duo specific, rather than simply period correct. Once again, I'd like to hear the thoughts of our holster learned forum members.

The pistol is in pretty nice shape for being such an early model. It has Czech proof marks and a 1939 proof sequence number above the slide legend. Once again, like the 1940, it has the early rounded top grips with an ellipse Duo logo.

It also has another stamped mark on the left front of the trigger guard, and this one might generate some comments. The mark is a six pointed star (Star of David) with some shape or lettering inside the star. The pistol was described by the seller as being "Israeli Proofed". Now 1939 obviously predates the establishment of the State of Israel, but it could have been applied at a date in, or after, 1948. I will leave it at that... and let the commentary begin! (See photos).

I would appreciate comments, questions, or added expertise.

The final pistol of the four will be a rare 1938 Dusek made Singer pistol variant.


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Very nice Roger! AFAIK, Israeli proofed WWII guns are noted, they took whatever they could get, so while some guns are more common than others, just about anything could be proofed.
I used to own this early model but let a friend have it
Wow! An extended barrel Duo, your friend is a lucky fella!
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