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Early Engraved FN 6,35mm

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This little .25 just surfaced ...the new owner has received lots of conflicting info about finish and originality from folks in his area and he sent it to me for examination and return.

Ryerson Knight is visiting, so we both looked it over. Unfortunately, the grip screw is frozen and someone has tried to force it, cracking a chip out of the right side. The owner wants nothing done that might endanger the grips. </u>


Our opinion is that it is probably</u> original...but, the quality of engraving is certainly not up to the standards we are used to on factory engraved pistols.

There is no serial number on the frame that we can see...and, we cannot removed the grips to confirm that it is under the grip..[or not]

All the proper parts seem to be blued...and the engraver avoided the legend and proofs as expected!

May we have your opinion?

Orvel L. Reichert
P O Box 67
Vader WA 98593
360 245 3492 tel
360 245 3702 fax
360 520 6520 cel
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