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Here are some photos of an early holster. I do not believe that it a conversion. It is not an alteration; it is constructed as it appears by Julius Jansen, Strassburg. The tool pouch is stamped AWM 19/00.
This latter stamp contains the initials of the Artillerie- Werkstatten, Munchen. Bender states that this agency manufactured holsters in addition to approving them while Schafer believes that it inspected and accepted holster made by various manufactures only. This holster is stamped with a maker mark and the AWM stamp.

The construction of this holster is a bit different. Note that while the cover is a hard shell the toe is made with a plug in the pattern of the earlier Reichrevolver holster. The front was dyed black in accordance with the 1915 uniform regs

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I have two of the holsters that were converted into luger holsters. It is obvious that they were converted becuase of the old stiching holes. If your holster does not have those, then it does seem like it was originally manufactured that way instead of being converted.

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Your holster is very similar to the one shown on page 28 of Imperial Lugers (second edition). That one has stitch marks where the old cartridge pouch was rempved. Also, the maker is the same, Julius Jansen, Strassburg.
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