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Early Luger production?

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I have a question the answer to which I have not stumbled across in my reading, and I wonder if anyone here can shed any light on it.

What were the daily production figures of Lugers between 1900 and, say, 1908? Are there any records, any "conventional wisdom", is there a source to cite which I have missed?

Going along with that question, does anyone know, was there a single production line which manufactured different variations and contract pistols in their order (thinking particularly of 1900 models here), or was there more than one line for different destinations?

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I don't think it's going to be easy to make sense of early numbering. Some contracts demanded contract-numbering, some didn't. Some pistols were taken from commercial production and then changed to meet test demands, etc..

As far as I know, there was only one main Parabellum production facility until 1909, with some parts supplied by subcontractors. The name of Bayard/Pieper has been mentioned as one of the parts suppliers.

They were quite able to produce many variations using a single machining set-up where some minor variations just required additional machine steps. Many of the machines used could be adjusted or set to produce one variation or another.
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