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My father-in-law gave me a pistol today that he was given by his father. He is unsure of the history of the pistol. I'd appreciate any information anyone could provide.

From what I have been able to find on the web, it appears to be an early 1914 version. The pistol is in excellent condition. It is .32ACP, with a relatively low serial number - 12861, all parts appear original and it came with 2 magazines in a grained leather holster. It does not have an Imperial proof mark above the rear sight so I assume it was a private, not a military weapon. True?

The major difference I've found in other photos of similar pistols is in the Waffenfabrik stamp on the left side of the slide. Every other one I've seen has the stamp in a single line - my pistol's stamp is in 2 lines close to the grip end of the slide. Is this also an indication of an earlier manufacture date?

I'll tryo to post pictures - hope it works! Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

Download Attachment: Mauser Pistol and Holster.jpg

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Hi Mark,
* Let me first welcome you to the Forum.
* Suspect many of the real Mauser Pocket experts have been out @ Shows this weekend; hence, a lag in response to your post/query. I trust they will jump in and provide you insight to your questions.

* In the meantime, one very nice looking & very early example of the 1914 pattern Mauser pocket pistol. Probably made in 1914 as a guess.
* NAPCA member John LaCroix would call this a 1914 Standard Model-1st Variation. His S/N range for this category is 2800-13,500. His data suggests the 2 line address & Large Mauser Banner combination on the L/H side has been reported to S/N 13,500; but, not beyond.
quote:so I assume it was a private, not a military weapon. True?
- You are correct. This one preceded the Military contract allocation. The lowest S/N with a Military acceptance was 14,220 as reported to John in 1999.

* Roy Pender,Mauser Pocket Pistols, 1910-1946, Pg. 110 published in 1971 states the 2 line address, milled R/H side pocket, and ramp sight(vs a rounded front sight blade) are the only features which set this variation apart from the most often encountered 1914 pistol.

* The original 2 mags issued by the factory were bright (non-blued) tubed. Had a square toe with some slots as I recall. Would not be abnormal to see at least one being replaced over the 90 years its been around; although, the successtion of owners having this piece all took exceptional care of it.
* Holster looks in great shape. Appears to be a WWII or later pebble grained style example. Sure looks in terrific shape.

* Afraid you owe your Father-in-Law big time. That is one great family treasure he bestowed upon you.

* Enjoy & I hope this helps fill the info gap.

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Thanks for providing me with such great detail on the pistol. Based on your description, I believe that it has the original 2 magazines - both are non-blued and even the springs seem to be strong. The holster is a bit worn - no more than you'd expect for its age - and needs a good cleaning. The pistol has been sitting in the holster, wrapped in a cloth for decades. I can't believe how good it looks.

My father-in-law actually has another one - this one has been fired and has replacement parts. I will ask him to show it to me so I can get the Sn, etc, from it. Your answer has peaked my curisoty! He told me that it jam's after firing one shot - my guess is it has an extractor problem. More on this one later.

Having found this forum has had another unintended consequence. I grew up always wanting to own a Luger. The constant moving of 26 years in the Army made it tough to think about a gun collection. Now that I have retired, though, things have changed. I will be spending lots of time here seeking info to help me find that Luger I've always wanted!

Thanks once again.

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