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The spring weather is so nice today in Las Vegas I just had to bust outdoors and snap some pictures of my latest military pistol acquisition. This is a German Navy Kriegsmarine M1934 with a Weimar Eagle over M engraved on the side plate. It has the commercial test proof C/U on the top of slide behind the rear sight and right side of barrel retaining lug. This is an early Nazi Navy Kriegsmarine M1934 probably procured by the Navy around 1935. This one is serial number 518255 (Jan in his book Axis PistolsEpage 165 shows the highest observed serial as 518278) so this is a pretty late one. The serial number range reported in Axis PistolsEpage 165 at that time was 505953 to 518278 and property numbers from O.1185 to O.2018. This one is Kriegsmarine O property marked on the front grip strap O.2087. This same property number is found on the bottom of the magazine floor plate--see pictures. This is a fairly rare pistol especially with a matching property marked magazine. Jan again in Axis PistolsEsays there were about 800 of these early M1934s acquired by the Kriegsmarine. Most Kriegsmarine pistols were property marked with either a O (Ostsee =East, or Baltic Sea) or N(Nordsee=North Sea) prefix followed by a period (dot) and one to four numerals--they were not applied in sequence with the pistol serial numbers. Later in the war Navy pistols were NOT property marked receiving just the Kriegsmarine marking. This M1934 is in excellent condition all matching with a beautiful high polish hot salt blue finish with some blue loss on some edges. It also has the early elongated Mauser banner on the side plate. Mechanically the pistol is in excellent condition with a near perfect barrel bore with no pitting or frosting. The walnut wood grips are in very nice condition with very nice checkering and exhibiting outstanding craftsmanship that is hard to see in the photos. Anybody have a Kriegsmarine marked M1934 holster for sale or know where I can find one? Thanks, Lloyd in Vegas
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine M34 Left Side.jpg
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Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine M34 Right Side.jpg
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Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine M34 Bottom View.jpg
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Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine M34 Front Grip Strap Property Number.jpg
Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine M34 Rear View.jpg
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Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine Magazine Property Mark.jpg
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Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine M34 Marking 3.jpg
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Download Attachment: Kriegsmarine M34 Top View of Slide & Barrel.jpg
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Smokin' nice gun! Welcome to the early 1934 KM club! However, the holster and spare mags are impossible to find, but so are the guns right?

I have attached a comparison of the marking on Lloyds gun and mine. The two are slighty different yet exactly the same.


Download Attachment: KMEARLY.jpg
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Lloyd, I have a similar pitol(not as early)that I have just recently posted a couple pictures.During my reseach I have come across some holsters that might interest you.Next time I see one I'll give you the heads up.And for the gun,great gun,great pictures;I needed you as a photographer instead of my wife(but I'll never tell her that).Tim

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Thanks for your nice comments on this early Kriegsmarine M1934 I recently acquired. Thanks also for your kind remarkds about my photographs. Taking pictures of collectible pistols and the key markings up close does take some practice. I can assure that it does take time and experimenting with light and camera settings to get the desired results. I am still not completely satisfied with my pistol pictures so I continue to try different things and that is part of the fun. Anyway, if you happen to locate/find a Kreigsmarine marked model 1934 holster I would definitely be interested if you pass on it.
Thanks and Best regards, Lloyd in Vegas
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