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Pictured here is a 1917 DWM P.08 SN 9216 with replacement barrel marked 42 and E/655.
Obviously it was a Long P.08 befor the rework.
The right side of the receiver is stamped E/ HZAJC3 ( Heeres-Zeugamt ..., Army equipment depot ... ).
So far, so good. But what is the meaning of the additional eagle stamping ??

Any help will be appreciated.


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The additional Eagle on the right side of the reciever looks to me similar to the Austrio-Hungarian Empire proof shown on p 59 of Jan Still's Military Pistols of Imperial Germany... Volume 1.

I have no knowledge of whether that is what it is, or what it would be doing on this pistol.

Why do you feel it was obviously a LP08 before the rework?

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"Why do you feel it was obviously a LP08 before the rework?"

It is really hard to tell from the photos, but it looks like the receiver is notched for the artillery sight.
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