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I had originally posted pictures of this early PPK on the old site and they were lost when the site got "hacked". Then my house got hit by lightning about three weeks ago amd my computer melted down so I shot new pictures today.

Anyway this is PPK serial number 767127. Part of the serial number 6712 is scratched very roughly inside the slide. The earliest PPK is around serial number 754,xxx -- 757,xxx (depending on whom you read) manufactured in 1930/31. This PPK has many of the early features including: 90 degree safety, C shaped hammer block spring, no notch in the top of hammer spur, up side down serial number (read with muzzle pointing at reader), and rear sight machined integral with the slide.

With this PPK I got the capture paper/declaration, a Hoffman holster in excellent condition and an extra flat bottomed Walther banner marked magazine. The pistol is in excellent condition with the just a small amount of the high luster blue lost on the front of the slide at the muzzle. No frosting or pitting anywhere inside or out. Mechanically it is in superior condition with a bright frost free barrel bore. The machining, fit, polishing and finish are a work of mechanica/metal art. Truly a testament to the high caliber craftsmanship of the period. The grips are in perfect condition with no cracks or chips. Hope you enjoy the pictures and good hunting to all!

Download Attachment: PPK Combo.jpg

Download Attachment: PPK Left Side.jpg

Download Attachment: PPK Roght Side.jpg

Download Attachment: PPK Hoffman Holster.jpg
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