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Ebay Artillery Rig...

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I have been watching two Ebay auctions by the same seller. The first is artillery leather and the second the stock. Each is breaking at $200 plus right now. I would be interested in the members' comments on both offerings.

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George, I cannot comment on the stock untill I see it better but the holster is a knock off for sure. The reasons are numerous but I suspect you already know that.I will look at eBay and try to see the stock a little better. On a seperate note, eBay kicked off a Luftwaffe belt buckle I had listed. I had covered the swastica but that didn't help. The Liberal Jerks! Jerry Burney
George, I looked at the stock and I do not like it either. It just dosen't look right for some reason. Nothing definitave, just a gut feeling. Jerry Burney
Kerry and Edwards, these guys are so full of sht they need TWO Johns!
Ron, Cause their liberal Nazi's who want to ban what they don't like and cannot understand, not realizing they are just like the NSDAP in their methods. The Nazi's banned all that they thought would harm or detract from their message. Didn't work for them and it won't work for eBay. There are 2200 Nazi items listed today. 168 are German daggers, many Nazi. Their talking out of both sides of their mouths.

George, this extra strap was seen many years ago when knockoffs were not as prevalent as they are today. This rig is as phoney as a Clinton three dollar bill. Like Tom A says it probably stinks too. Jerry Burney
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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