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Even I don´t know if this is the right board, I ask for your help about this Enfield Revolver. As you see on the pic, there´s a stamp on the frame (Eagle over Swastika)
My question: Is the german marking a military acceptance stamp or is it a fake?

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The eagle and swastika is, I believe, a property stamp, not an ordnance acceptance.
The whole thing sounds fishy, as you suspect.
The third photo, .38", 3.5 tons, etc., shows commercial nitro proofs. These are required by British law when a firearm is retired from military service and enters the commercial market. Most No. 2 revolvers went to surplus in the mid-1950s.
The stamp on the butt is likely a unit marking. You might get more info on this from the British Gun Pub at Gunboards.

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hi dean
yes it is the same revolver. i have make more photos of it.
i am very happy about all information about the revolver stamps !

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Hello feelxs,

The swastika- eagle stamp is symply a fake. Some of these revolvers have been offered 5-6 years ago at the Dortmund arms fair by a dealer of the Rhein-Ruhr area hoping to improve his sales.
The other markings, except the commercial proof mark, are unknown.
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