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i have a erfurt complete rig. chamber, date 1917 serial #7026n, two matching mag. inspection stamp on the tool and a brown 1918 holster.
i have a few questions about the holster and grip.
1) on the right qrip inside has a mark 132 yaar,the inspector stamp is through the first loop of the one??
2) the holster under the flap has the manufacturers name
wurcburg the u has two dots over it
would like to know what this means.
3) right by the manufacturers stamp are 4 letters in black ink.
B.A.X.N. think the last letter is n but not sure. am posting
photos don't know if they are clear or not. any help would be
greatly appreciated.

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BekleidungsAmt - and Würzburg (with a z - not a c) is a town (with a castle) in western Germany. I doubt whether the two dots (Umlaut) are compatible with e-mail script. They change the "u" into something sounding like "eu"

A "Handwerkskammer" is a Chamber of Commerce, mainly for craftsmen.

Patrick (in Deutschland)

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Norm, they wouldn´t. What the Chamber did was to organise production among a large number of small craftsmen in a local area. This was the traditional method of manufacturing in the early stages of German industrialisation. Even DWM used a similar method to make Luger parts. A Master Craftsman was responsible for his production group in the factory, using Loewe´s tools and machinery and the Master paid their wages. Loewe tried to introduce US mass production methods and this caused considerable unrest.


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