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I am looking for an approximate value and info on my Luger. It is a Luger made by ERFURT model 1911, sn 18 - ALL numbers match except the magazine (sn 6133). It is in 100% condition. It also has stamped on foredge of the grip l.M.ll.24.r. - officer light machine gun unit? Pics are available.

Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

Lee, [email protected]

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1911 Erfurt, sn 18, unit marked l.M.ll.24.r.signifies: (I will make a guess) 1st Light Munitions column of the mounted detachment of the 29th Field Artillery Regiment, II Armeekorps.

I would be very interested in detailed photographs.

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Corey, value is about impossible to guess without pictures. Can you post them? A 1911 Erfurt is fairly rare, I have #2155, and is posted under the weimar section, as it became a police pistol.

100% usually means it was reblued at some point, as it is over 90 years old...

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