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I recently purchased via Greg Martin Auctions a Luger with a chamber date of 1918 that had a 22cal conversion installed. The gun was purchased with the conversion unit installed.

No box for the conversion unit
Original 9mm magazine missing
Original toggle to the gun missing

Help with finding a replacement magazine & toggle assembly for the gun will be another topic.

I would like some feedback as to when the conversion kit was fabricated. It has lots of military stamps on it.

The magazine holds 5 rounds. It has acceptance stamps ("stick eagle" over 280) on the left side, and back. Also the knurled lock nuts have the "stick eagle" over 280 stamped on them.

Photos attached.

Tommy Burt

Download Attachment: 4898-breech-right.JPG
138.32 KB

Download Attachment: 4898-bbl-left.JPG
103.15 KB

Download Attachment: 4898-toggleassmbly-left.JPG
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Download Attachment: 4898-toggleassmbly-top.JPG
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