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Hello all, New to this forum and I have a question. I recently picked up a CYQ H block P-38. It has matching numbers on slide and frame, but the barrel and locking block are off- by under 300 in the same block! It's a CYQ barrel, and the wear patterns are consistent with the rest of the gun. This gun had some of those hideous white "franzite" grips, and came in a completely wrong holster with a P1 mag, which I suspect the seller at the gunshow put together as a rig to try and move that "really ugly p-38".
I wonder, are factory mismatches known for the CYQ's? I realize they are surely uncommon, but what are the odds of having a barrel only 300 off in the same block?
I paid a very modest price for this, well under normal value for a shooter grade p-38 of any type.
Incidently, about 80-90 percent finish on this, and a nice non-import marked (I've looked, with a magnifying glass)actually nicely finished (for a CYQ, anyway).

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I regret to say that the gun was put together after the war. Spreewerk had all matching components right through to the end. (00series)

Check to see if the gun has any East German markings as they renumbered and retrofit many guns after the war.

The only correct mismatched P.38s were post war. They were put together for American GIs at the Walther plant.
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