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Fake? PPK shoulder holster on Ebay

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Fellow collectors:
Please, direct your attention to a holster currently offered for sale on Ebay:
Listed as "Rare WWII PPK Akah shoulder holster" by a fellow from a former Soviet republic of Belarus. Please, examine the Akah DRGM logo close-up. Judging form the style and the width of the lettering, I believe that this holster is a modern "reproduction"... Very similar to the lettering appearing on Femaru holsters, also offered for sale on Ebay.
Any opinions?
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Big time fake, and is the first time we have seen the AkaH trademark being copied.
Valbehaved, Here is a link to the holster in question; http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=36049&item=2244650966&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW

Huggiebear is right on the money. This is a prime example of the fakes coming out of Eastern Europe.
Students of this subject should immediately spot this holster as newly made. There is no age to it what so ever. The edges of the leather are fuzzy, where the studs go into the strap, the slits and holes are unused.
The stitching on the whole holster looks nothing like a period holster, particularly on the back belt loop.
There is no patina to any of the metal studs or other metal part. The whole holster has the look of newness to it, as if it were made yesterday.
You will notice the mottled unpolished odd color of the holster. Nothing like holsters made during this era of German craftsmanship.
All in all, not a badly made piece and authentically crafted in many respects. Hand hammered studs and they have paid close attention to detail, either being faithful to the German design( if there ever was one) or to the German method.
I cannot say about the AKAH mark as it is not my area of expertise but it stands to reason, if the holster is not period pre 45, the mark cannot be. Perhaps Huggiebear will point out some salient points in this area.
I have discussed this subject before on other Forums at some length and will say there is probably a market for this type of product in America. In fact, I know there is, fake holsters are sold every day. I really have no problem with it except for the application of spurious markings such as the ones found on this holster. If someone wants a PPK shoulder holster, well and good, but to stamp it as though it were original is wrong. People who participate in this fraud by purchasing these things are doing great harm by encouraging fraudulent activity. Of cours it will never stop but one can dream.....Jerry Burney
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If you look at the other leather stuff this guy has for sale I think you will find other fakes!

I am pretty sure this item is a total fraud since I have an original case, with the binoculars, and the "death head" is on the top of the case and not on the strap!


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