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FAKED Sauer 13 with Wehrmacht markings

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just received photos of a scary Sauer which currently is offered for sale. Somewhere here in Europe. It was described as a "Sauer Behorden, SN 155,116, non-matching grips, German markings WaA63, reworked".

What is true: it is reworked and the grips ar non-matching (FN grips). The rest ....

1/ it is no Behorden, but a Sauer 13, 2nd variation

2/ the serial number is wrong (would match a Sauer 13 3rd variation), seems to be a 2nd variation of the WWI period – and it seems, there is a remainder of an Imperial acceptance marking just behind the crown/N Nitro proof.

And – best of it – the Wehrmacht acceptance markings!

Hopefully, nobody will be fooled by this Frankenstein monster!


Download Attachment: 245a.jpg

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It is amazing what people will go through to make a "rare" pistol from something common!!!

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