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Well, I made a trip to the range today to specifically shoot the two (2) Femarus pictured. I have been shooting and competing for more years than I have collected so sometimes I can't help myself and I have to give one of the collectible pistols a workout. If you haven't shot one of these you are missing out on a real treat. These are well made pistols (caliber 7,65 or .32 and 9mm Kurz or .380) and are fun to shoot. The firing controls are are laid out like a Colt 1911 (at least on the jhv 41/43 German Army models) with a grip safety and thumb safety. Thumb safety absent on the original Hungarian army design. They handle and point very well and are very comfortable in the hand. The accuracy is very excellent and both of these specimens shot to point of aim between ten and fifteen yards. Function was perfect with no failures to feed or eject using a variety of fmj and hollow point ammo.

The top pistol in the photo is a late manufactured Hungarian Army M1937 without the German specified thumb safety like on the jhv 41 and jhv 43 German model 37 Femarus. It is in caliber 9mm Kurz or .380.

The bottom pistol is a German Army Femaru (jhv 41) with a E/WaA58 acceptance stamp and German Army test proofs. The German Army Femaru has serial numbers on the left slide, left frame, left side of barrel and on the back of the grip extension on the magazine. This one has a non matching magazine unfortunaltely. Jan in his book "Axis Pistols" classifies this Femaru as a jhv 41 Subvariation 4. This is a mid range subvariation 4 pistol--this variation runs from serial number 7900-50,000. This one is serial number 30,768.

If you haven't shot yours give it a whirl you will not be disappointed. These are not real rare pistols like some of the Axis Pistols we all love (I wouldn't shot some of my Lugers) but I don't have any worry or concern about shooting my Femarus. Parts are available from Gun Parts Numrich Corp. if you need some new springs, grips, screws or magazines etc.

Download Attachment: Femarus.jpg
The Hungarian Army model on Top and the German Army M1937 jhv 41 below.

Download Attachment: Femaru JHV 41 Slide Racked.jpg
German Army Femaru with slide racked and locked showing serial number on barrel.

Download Attachment: Femar Barrel Serial Close-up.jpg
Close-up of serial number on German Army Femaru barrel.

Download Attachment: Femaru Magazine Markings.jpg
Magazine markings with Hungarian on top and German variant below.

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Couple of nice Femaru's. I have a Hungarian one, never shot it but heard they are a pleasure to shoot. Maybe I should take it out to the range sometime.
By the way, hows the collection photo book coming?

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Here are my 37 M and P Mod. 37:

37 m (Pisztóly 37 Minta) SN 183583 with Hungarian acceptance on triggerguard (St. Stephen Crown with bent cross on the top)and with spur on magazine bottom:

Download Attachment: 37ML.jpg

Download Attachment: 37MP.jpg

"Pistole Modell 37" from second German contract, SN 69819, jhv 43, Eagle/WaA 173.

Download Attachment: Pmod37L.m.JPG

Download Attachment: Pmod37P.m.JPG
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