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First of all, please excuse my poor English and my even poorer knowledge about Luger pistols. Some weeks ago I bought my first (and probably last) Luger and there are still some details I couldn’t find info about.
It’s a Finnish reworked 08, parkerized, with black plastic grips and a 9mm-Tikkakoski-barrel (the longer version). Unfortunately due to the rework, the numbers on the parts are mainly mismatching except the frame and the receiver. Receiver, frame and breech block bear the commercial Nitro-proof. I conclude that this pistol has been an M/23 which was converted to 9mm by the Finns. Is this correct?
But now over to the confusing things:
1. The receiver is dated 1915 and intended for the LP08-sights. I was told that in 1915 only LP08 made by DWM have this feature. But on the other hand, there are no imperial proofs on the right side of the receiver (maybe scrubbed?). So did DWM recycle an old imperial LP08 or was it just a spare part found somewhere in a dark corner of the factory?
2. The frame (matching to the receiver) bears imperial proof and a “RC”-proof. I know what this proof means but I read somewhere that these markings are typical only for Erfurt production. So are the frame and the receiver renumbered in the 1920ies by DWM? As far as I can see, the font and size of the numbers are exactly the same.
Now some photos of the important markings:

Download Attachment: O1.jpg

Download Attachment: S1.jpg

Download Attachment: V1.jpg

I know that many people won't understand how anybody can make such a trouble about non-matching arsenal-reworked Luger, but it's my first and only one. So it would be great if anyone could tell me more about it.
Thank you!

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Finnish Lugers are a facinating topic in themselves. They are one of the Luger varieties (the other being Dutch) which are usually found reworked and mismatched, and whose value and collector interest is not diminished thereby.

It looks like the frame of your pistol originated as an Erfurt. There are other collectors here who are familiar with the Finnish variation, I'm sure they will tell you much more. I just want to assure you that your Luger is venerable, and to say that your English is much better than most of the rest of our German.

In the Axis Pistols section of these Forums there is a discussion group for Finland Pistols and Holsters, you might want to post a message in that Forum notifying Finnish specialists of this posting.


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Thank you for your welcome and your opinion, Dwight! Just don't be surprised if i get some terms confused, that could happen.
Somehow i managed to overlook the finnish section before so I posted there a link. Sorry, typical beginner's mistake.
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