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Finnish FN-Brownings

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Some time ago on the Web I found a photo of an FN-Browning M1922 pistol, that clearly showed a Finnish SA property mark on the LH side. Unfortunately, I lost the file in a subsequent computer crash and have not been able to find it again. I suspect that the photo might have come from the works of Palokangas. I'd like to have this photo for information I'm compiling on the FN1922s. Can anyone help?
At the same time, has anyone seen, first hand, one of the small Belgian Brownings marked this way?

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Yes, there were 1922s shipped from FN during the winterwar. I have no exact quantity (less than 2000) but the guns are real. These were shipped without any special markings and were part of standard FN production. iow no special contract range.
Anthony V.
quote:Originally posted by Vic

Can anybody lead me to a palce were I can find some wooden GP35 grip panels. I need to replace one.

Grip panels from what period? (There were changes over the years.)
The above are good sources on grips, but the features of the grips changed over the years. For example the pre-war grips have a different color backing that the later post war grips. Then there were the ones that had no color/paint on the rear of the grips. Pre-war and early post war had oil type finishes. Later one had laquer type finishes. Then there was the change in the wood color.
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