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Finnish High Power/1903/1907/1922 serial numbers

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I gather complete serial numbers on the FN Browning pistols and also on the Husqvarna pistols. Please post your number if you own or have owned a Finnish High Power, an SA marked 1903 pistol, a SA marked Husqvarna 1907 pistol or Finnish 1922 pistol. I can not work with serial ranges or X numbers. No need to include your name or identity if you do not wish to do so, I would only like to know the country where the pistol is located and any comments you may have like condition, accesories, special features.
Thank you for your time.
Anthony Vanderlinden
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Hi Anthony!
My topic about Husqvarna M 07 with Finnish Army property stamp you can easy find in this Forum with full SN. I am very interested for FN pistols and I highly appreciate your book! Let me know something about SA accepted Husqvarnas 07 (SN range, quantity). If you want, I can send you my other FN pistols SN´s.

Jan "Hoba" Balcar
Hello Jan,

Thanks! I took note of your SA 1907 pistol. Neat gun!

Please feel free to send me your serial numbers. You can use my email address if you do not want to post these [email protected]
Please include a small description with each one.
Thanks a lot!
When you send serial numbers please include this forum. Then the information will also benefit the other members of this Forum.
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