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I needed an M23 to go with my M39 rifle. I bought this one off Gunbroker last week for $830. Maybe some of you saw it. This is my first luger so I am still learning and would appreciate any help you experts can give. I'd like to confirm that it started life as a 1920s commercial (alphabet) luger but it has been so heavily scrubbed that it is hard for me to tell. I've attached a link to lots of photos. Here's what I think I know (I'm sure you will set me straight):
  • Serial number appears to be 3138q but the q is very faint having been partially scrubbed or lightly stamped. Please take a look and see what you think. If it is a q, that number would fit nicely with other M23s. 3139q was an SA stamped M23 in .30 cal.
  • 3 3/4" Tikka barrel is bright and shiny
  • Loads and shoots great
  • No import stamps
  • Side plate numbered 51
  • Take down liver numbered 11
  • Trigger is the only matching part (38)
  • Most other numbers have been scrubbed.
  • 41 dated barrel extension with a strange, purple brownish finish. Seems strange that the 41 was not scrubbed and the part reparked. Maybe it was an urgent repair during the Continuation War?
  • Faint crown over N on the toggle
  • A "T" shaped stamp mark in two spots on the inside of the receiver. An "X" in one spot
  • Many SA stamps visible. Looks like it might have gone through many, many refurbs
  • Safety lever chipped LH grip. Empty spot for brass tag on RH. Neither are numbered
  • Wood bottom mag with two different numbers, neither matching the receiver.
  • Marks on the bottom of the toggle seem to match those on the receiver, making me think it really is a DWM receiver.
  • Finnish front sight with rear notch widened to match
She might look like a tired old turd to some but I think it's beautiful!

http://s273.photobucket.com/user/DRMan60/library/M23 Finnish Luger

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They sure do. I got some feedback on another forum that the barrel extension likely a '41 Mauser part. I'm still curious why it and the bolt have that "plum" finish. I'm guessing that the armorers were a bit too busy to worry much about cosmetics.

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