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The Finnish designed Lahti (L-35) was manufactured for the Finnish military between 1938 and 1945 . It was designed to meet the rugged demands of the frigid Finnish Winter, as attested by the following: “During the Winter War our unit was attacking tanks under cover of a heavy snow storm. Nearly all the weapons available, both Finnish and Russian, machine guns, machine carbines and even rifles were put out of action by the freezing snow. But the Lahti pistols were unaffected.”

The Lahti military serial range is 1105 to 6800 for a production of over 5700. All bear a stock lug and a loaded chamber indicator. There are three Variations (for details see Axis Pistols page 310). The one shown, serial number 3805, is a second Variation that was manufactured in about 1941.

Figure 1. Lahti , serial number 3805. Right slant view.


Figure 2. Lahti , serial number 3805. Left side. Note: the “M” stamped on the rear of the frame. It means Myotti-sold from military. The serial number is stamped on the left frame, slide and top of bolt.


Figure 3. Lahti , serial number 3805. Top. The “VKT” signifies “Valtion Kivaaritehdas” the Finnish State Rifle Factory. The L-35 is the model designation and the SA is the Finnish Army property stamp. A triangle is stamped on top of the barrel, on the slide, and frame.


Figure 4. Lahti , serial number 3805. Magazine bottom showing the Finnish Army property stamp (SA).


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