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My first high power pistol. I hope it is a good one to start with. FN made with German markings. I'll post a few photos for reference.

Over all left view.
Download Attachment: fn-1.JPG

Right view.
Download Attachment: fn-2.JPG

Close up of the left side with waffenampts.
Download Attachment: lftslide.JPG

Close view of frame, slide and barrer from the right side.
Download Attachment: closertslide.JPG

And finally the muzzle.
Download Attachment: muz.JPG

Any info you would care to share would be more than welcome.

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Standard WWII German Hi-Power - late war as it looks like a 'b' suffix pistol.

However, it has a lanyard ring. This was not a standard German production feature. Odds are that it (lanyard ring) is a post war addition.

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Any guess as to whay a lanyard would have been added? I assume it would have been in some official capacity (police/military) as I can't see a civilian owner adding one. Any chance the Germans could have, even if not common? BTW, no import marks.

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I have seen French 1935As, FN 1922s and a friend has a Sauer 38h all with lanyard rings added. I have heard and read that the addition of lanyard rings to pistols was done by the French after the war. I guess something they wanted on pistols they were re-issuing. Never seen one before on a High-Power, interesting. Could you post a couple of close-up photos of the lanyard ring area?
Thanks, Dean

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Also, I see British Nitro Proofs on that barrel! [an interesting gun!]

I have a 1910/22 Browning with a lanyard loop applied to the grip overhand...I was told it was a French modification, also.


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Hi Pancho
A little bite late but about the lanyard loop, I just want to said it's a commun practice (yet) in the French Police, Gendarmerie and Army to prevent the loss of the gun in the combat situation.
As a reserve Captain in the Gendarmerie, I have a lanyard loop on my MAS G1 (a close copy under license of the Berretta 92F)on a duty service.
Especially during Indochina wars (vietnam) some French officiers (who figth against german in the résistance and after with US and GB troops in 44/45) still to carry like "war souvenirs" or under French control a lot of german handguns. I heard after GP (I have one with a similar history), P38, P08, Radom...It's possible for PP too.
Anyway, lot's of this hanguns saw hard use in battlefields (Dien Bien Phu, RC4, Algeria...) and are may be also precious than their WWII "cousins" (in terms of history)!!!! Some like my 1938 GP for exemple have saw service under Belgium army, German army, Resistance army, French army and some vietnamese or other !!!
Regards at all,
this website is great !
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