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Just got a unit marked first issue. 99th Reserve infantry . Hold open was added but is intermittent and seems to be affected by magazine position. Magazine is non matching, wood bottom, non numbered but original type. Would the hold open be affected by the magazine? The grips appear original as far as age but are not apparently numbered to the gun. Did DWM mark all of their grips? There is a "C" inside the right grip and a "3" inside the left grip neither of which match any of the serial numbers. The gun is tight and all numbers except for the grips and magazine match. I am brand new at grading finish. Based on a comparison with the pictures in the Bluebook of Gun Values I would say it is < 90% but >80% blue and 70% strawing. I am deciding whether I wish to keep the pistol or return it for a refund of the $1300.00 purchase price. Any info would be appreciated. Jim
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