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Hi, I have finally purchased my first Luger, being a 1916 DWM serial #7623. Cost was AUD $1500 (US $1100)a bit high, but not much you can do here. I believe the general cond to be good with a very good barrel, see pics .
Can anyone tell me a bit of its history and espicially what the mark is that looks like an i in script writing under the serial No. (see pics)? Also, looking for a hoster to match? Try trader? Thanks in anticipation.Kimbo.

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Kim -

Congratulations on your first Luger. Careful! It is addictive.

The "i" underneath the serial number on the front of the frame is, in fact, part of the serial number. It is a German script "i" and indicates that this gun was manufactured in the "i" block in the long 1916 production run. Jan Still's book, Imperial Lugers, estimates that 140,000 DWM Lugers were produced in 1916 going well past the "i" block. In fact, I have a 1916 DWM which was produced in the "o" block. You should find another script "i" below the barrel serial number if the gun is correct. The serial number on the left side of the receiver will NOT have the script "i" on a correct Luger.

Cannot tell from the pictures, but it appears that the gun has not been reblued. In that case, $1100 US is not a bad price if all of the parts match. If it has been reblued $1100 US is pretty high.

Can't help on the holster, but the 1916 holsters seem to be pretty common. Probably someone on the forum can help.

Best of luck with your new Luger.


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Thanks Luke, your right about the number under the barrel and it also has another number under that which appaears to be 8.82? A bit down from this is an upside down 5, L and a J with an underscore correct way up? The finish is the original finish.
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